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RxJS and LEGO® Art

2 minute read

I recently gave a lightning talk (short talk) at the Angular Community Meetup talking about using RxJS in making LEGO® mosaics

The Wayback Machine Saved Me Days of Work

1 minute read

Over the years I’ve been helping to maintain an old website written using ASP, not, but classic ASP using VB Script. This website has a small online ...

Battletech Lego Mosaics

less than 1 minute read

I decided to combine two of my obsessions, Battletech and Lego by making some Lego mosaics.

Upload Image and Convert to Data URL in Angular

2 minute read

I have a little application that I wanted the user to be able to upload their own images, and be able to store them in a json format so that the configuratio...

XBox 360 Hacked Account Still Not Resolved

6 minute read

After seeing an article on January 6, 2012, about someone else having their account hacked on the Kotaku gaming news site, and having read her account here, ...

The Switch To SageTV

2 minute read

For the past 6 years, I’ve been using BeyondTV as my dvr/pvr software, recording lots of tv shows. This spring I made the switch to SageTV for a number of re...