Battletech Mercenary Contract Generator

1 minute read

Just wanted to let people know that there is a new version of MCG in the works. Exactly when it will be released, I have no idea, but did want to say I am working on a new one.

I recently had to gut what I had written, and start plugging in a new base system to it, as what I had originally written didn’t work. Which means I’ve got a fair bit of work to do just to get back to where I was. But slowly working on it.

There’s a number of new features that I’m planning on adding. Initially I plan to support generating contracts / missions from Merc Handbook 3055 as I basically have the code written already, and Field Manual: Mercenaries as that’s the newest rules that I know about (I should check if any of the new Rulebooks have mercenary rules). The plan is for the rules to be plug-ins so that in the future we can have rules for the original Merc Handbook, rules for each of the Field Manuals (who said we can’t generate missions for House Units too). The other thing that I want to do is open up the development of the plug-ins, which would allow more sets of rules faster than I could code them.

Hoping to have editing of Units done in the next couple weeks while my son is away. The rest of the time line is really up in the air as finding time to work on it around work, family and sleep is hard, by I’m trying my best. Plus, by announcing something, it might cause me to try harder as people will know and pester me about it. At this point I’m hoping to have something by Christmas, but the timeline will have to be evaluated as I go.