New Year’s Resolutions

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I read somewhere that it is best if you write out any resolutions you may have, as well as post them somewhere where you will see them frequently so that you remember them, as well put them somewhere public so that others will be able to hold you to them as well. So here I am posting some with the hopes that I can stick to them better.

  1. Lose 46 lbs by the end of the year. Targeting the 200 lb mark which I haven’t been in many, many years.
  2. 15 minutes a day of activity / exercise. Such as walking, jogging on the spot, or some other form of exercise. Such as my karate class once a week.
  3. Aim for at least one hour of work each week on Mercenary Contract Generator program for Battletech.
  4. Post more on my blog. Try to post once a month with updates on MCG. As well as posting other topics that I would like to discuss.
  5. Reading a chapter a day of the bible.